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3d Display Hologram in Turkey

2015 Water Project

New Service for you , Now you can watch the Pitesti Dancing Fountain Live, any time during the day and watch the night show from 21:30 to 22:00 (Romania time) ...................... more

New Partner on water effect this technologies will give us the possibility to work with water in the air, the future of  interactive........  more

The Dancing Fountain of Pitesti Mr.Tudor Pendiuc Mayor of Pitesti thanks Mr. Laurent Ferron for this  fantastic realisation ..........

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3D Display Hologram

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360 Video Interactif

flagship inflatable display system, offers a compelling 360° spherical viewing window for the high-impact display of digital content in a wide range of environments.Visible at distance, this unique platform opens the way to new possibilities in the presentation of content. Offers you the capacity to attract and engage with audiences in ways never before possible.Inescapably conspicuous and impressively adaptable, not only delivers content to your audience, it delivers your audience to you. read & see more


The Water Text Effect


The Water Text Effect "WTF", This is a revolution in the water effects, WTF will offer you right anything you want at anytime, anywhere . This system can be installed indoor and outdoor with full automation . The structure can be designed in any shape any size, for more   read & see more


The Fountain of  Pitesti

The last project, designed by Mr. Laurent Ferron in Romania Pitesti city. The concept was developed in the beginning of 2008 and has been finished on the 9 may 2008. The main idea was to relook the city hall square with dancing water and change the design of the basin on two levels with water fall. Mr. Laurent Ferron wanted to create a strong picture of the city with a touch of high technologies like Dancing water “Dancing Fountain” and to create a meeting point for the city. The show runs on full automation system every night from 21:00 to 22:30 with a great lighting and sound system .During the day time the fountain works with many different combinations of water show. The opening ceremony was made with 80 Artists from the philharmonic orchestra of Pitesti Live with the dancing water. At the opening more then 15.000 people came, 2 national TVs and 3 local TVs broadcasted the opening ceremony for more then 30 minutes live , more then 14 newspapers have been there , the opening ceremony concept was Designed by Mr. Laurent Ferron and organized by the City hall responsible. The Mayor of Pitesti Mr Tudor Pendiuc congratulated and thanked Mr. Lauren Ferron for this Fantastic project.
 Mr. Laurent Ferron said the water effect became a very important element for the new Architectural projects coming in the future .The water effect needs to be used with fineness and technologies in the element with the right volume and effects.............
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