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The Dancing Fountain of Pitesti

The Dancing Fountain of Pitesti Mr.Tudor Pendiuc Mayor of Pitesti thanks Mr. Laurent Ferron for this  fantastic realisation ..........

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Design Team
The success of our design team relies on working with all our partner designers in order to find the best results at the best price......
Our R&D Depatement is Always looking around the world for new technologies and new products to use for the upcoming concept design ... .

Lighting Design & Application

Lighting Design indoor and outdoor became very important in the architectural industry. More and more lighting became the key point of the construction for two reasons, the first is the Daylight Design and Nightlight Design, the second is safe energy using LED technologies with intelligent fixture that can give us the opportunity to use for Daylight and Nightlight, after more then 15 years of Entertainment experience we do have the knowhow. With this intelligent fixture technology we can programme and run everything on automation system, no engineer or operator will be needed for closing, opening or changing the atmosphere during the day and night, everything will run on computer software and be in control 24h. The new generation coming will be able to use lighting colour code for any purpose…….

Light Design solutions.

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